Russia approves the plan for Development of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

13 March 2018

GMP News

The Russian government adopted the action plan (roadmap) for the Development of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in 2018 – 2020.

The plan aims at developing domestic demand, manufacturing and exports of biotech products, and building institutional environment in order to modernize the technology base of the industry through mass introduction of biotech methods and products.

It provides for further expansion of production potential and cooperation in the area of biomedicine and biopharmaceuticals, agricultural and industrial biotechnology, bioenergetics, forest and environmental biotechnology, and genetic engineering.

By 2020, 2 common use production centers licensed for manufacturing biomedical cell products will be established to conduct R&D and pre-clinical studies of biomedical cell products.

The number of medical institutions accredited for clinical trials of biomedical cell products will be increased from 5 to 50.

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